What's Happening


November 2014

We have new and improved capability for testing concrete strength in new and existing concrete and reinforced concrete structures including without limit to buildings, retaining walls, tanks, decks, roads, pavements, foundations, bridges, etc. Our staff possess both the theoretical knowledge and practical training in the use of modern non-destructive testing systems.   


  • More accurate predictions of how a concrete structure including foundations, etc. will perform under loads from hurricanes, fire, floods, blast, earthquake, modifications/extensions, additional floors, additional equipment 

  • More accurate assessments means more appropriate recommendations on how to strengthen a structure or mitigate weaknesses 

  • Preservation of the integrity and condition of your building or structure during testing 

  • You can continue normal use of the building or structure during testing

  • Reduction in survey and repair costs often associated with destructive testing methods

  • Improved safety of users


June 2014

Following multiple pleas, Hon. Mark Vanterpool, Minister for Communications and Works conceded to Virgin Gorda (VG) residents and has assured that Government will revisit its plans for the scope of road and drainage works to take place on Lee Road, The Valley.  

This impromptu decision came last evening, May 21, after residents voiced strong criticisms when the area chosen to carry out the works were presented to them during a public meeting held at the Conference Room B, Flax Building.

The works fall under the $15.7M Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) Natural Disaster Infrastructure Rehabilitation Loan.

Source: BVI Platinum News


May 2014

The upcoming road rehabilitation and culvert works to take place in the First District under the $15.7M Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) Natural Disaster Infrastructure Rehabilitation Loan will be limited due to financial constraints.

Last evening, May 14 during a public meeting held in the Carrot Bay Community Center, residents were presented with the plans for rehabilitation of the road and culverts at Fortune Ghut, in an effort to address the flooding on the road and poor drainage.

Source: BVI Platinum News